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1. Is ProfitGrabber a client or a web based system?

Our initial development research has proven that we had to design ProfitGrabber as a Client Based system (installs on your PC) due to major advantages it has over a Web Based system.

The major advantages of the Client Based system as ProfitGrabber is PRIVACY of data, and SPEED of its applications.

PRIVACY - In today's "hacker" saturated world, your sellers' personal and financial information needs to be protected. You are liable for protecting this information, however with a web based system that is totally out of your control since the server is hosted on to you unknown location and it is 'ON' 24hrs per day.

*WARNING: per your state Real Estate Commissioner, you are directly responsible for loss of your sellers personal information. For example, the information that you collect from your short sale seller includes everything from their SSN, bank account statements, tax returns, etc. and that can destroy their future if it ends up in the wrong hands. NOTE: the web based companies will have you sign agreement where THEY ARE NOT LIABLE for any loss or theft of data. That leaves you as the only liable party!

Almost all web based applications available to real estate investors will have this problem. Another interesting fact is that they backup their data on 2 or 3 outside servers, thus making it 2 to 3 times more prone to hackers.

SPEED - the speed of ProfitGrabber applications and features is another advantage. Unlike in a web based system, with ProfitGrabber you do not need to wait or depend on your internet connection.

The minor disadvantage of a Client Based system is that you would need to use a VNC client (which is free) to connect to your PC when you travel. You will soon learn how to work SMART not hard and how to set up your business so you don't need to connect when you're out of your office.

2. Is there a monthly fee?

No. We are considering adding a monthly service fee to offset the maintenance cost, but as of now there is NO MONTHLY FEE.

This is another reason to invest in ProfitGrabber today! If you invest in ProfitGrabber today, you will NEVER have any monthly fee!

* Technical support is free for the first 3 months – ProfitGrabber is easy to learn and within a few hours you will be up and running. We offer free support for 3 mo. only in order to motivate the users to start using it right away. Paid support is available thereafter.

** there is a small monthly fee to access Property Data, however it is totally optional and not required to run ProfitGrabber. You can read more about it below.

3. When I buy now, can I download it?

Profitgrabber is available for immediate download with the completion of your purchase. You will receive an order confirmation email containing your serial number and a link to download and install immediately. Our Technical support team is available Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm PST to assist you getting up and running.

4. How does the Money-Back-Guarantee work?

It’s simple – you can use it for 30 days and if you are not thoroughly impressed, please contact your Business Development Expert and they can assist you.

5. Can ProfitGrabber be installed on more than one computer?

As all enterprise level software out there, it can be installed only on one computer with a single license.

If you have an assistant or a team, you can purchase a Network License(s) that connects all the users to the same centralized database where you can share and update the same records.

Watch the “Million Dollar Office” video on the Home page to see how our power users are running their business with ProfitGrabber.

6. Do I need to have a new or a powerful computer to run it?

Any PC built after 2010 will work. ProfitGrabber is efficiently coded software and it has no specific requirements on memory or speed. You do need to be running a current, supported version of Windows for Profitgrabber to work correctly (Currently windows 10 and above).

7. Does it work on MAC?

ProfitGrabber is not coded for MAC operating system, but it can be used on a MAC (as any other PC program can) through help of a “virtual PC” program such as “Parallels”, “Bootcamp”, or “Microsoft Virtual PC”.

Many of our MAC users purchase a cheap PC to run ProfitGrabber on as an alternative. They love their MAC (understandable) but they also understand that ProfitGrabber is a very unique tool that cannot be substituted by other tools out there. So it is a compromise they are glad to make.

8. Do I need to be a Real Estate agent?

You don’t need to be a licensed agent to use ProfitGrabber, and you do NOT need the MLS access to use ProfitGrabber!

ProfitGrabber works with any OTHER list you can imagine – like Foreclosures, In-Town Landlords, Out-of-Town Landlords, Divorces, Probates, Vacant Houses, Mortgage Lists, as well as any list exported from any MLS system out there (i.e. Expired or Canceled listings). We will teach you what works the best and how to even get the lists for free.

9. Is the foreclosure list included?

Profitgrabber itself does not include Foreclosure lists, or lead leads. We do provide a separate, integrated program – Dealfinder360 – which is a powerful tool for researching, finding and importing leads to Profitgrabber for use in your marketing.

10. Do I need to have an MLS access to use ProfitGrabber?

Absolutely NOT! Having an MLS access is a nice convenience but you don’t need it in order to invest in Real Estate or to use ProfitGrabber.

If you want to market to Expired or Canceled Listings you can just have an agent search the MLS and email you the list. With a few clicks you can import that list in ProfitGrabber and get mailings done in 30 seconds.

If you don’t know any agents, you can use any other list to market (i.e. Foreclosures, In-Town Landlords, Out-of-Town Landlords, Divorces, Probates, Vacant Houses, Mortgage Lists, etc.). Expired/Canceled listings are just one option.

11. Are the COMPS accurate?

The property data provided by ProfitGrabber’s “Ultimate Data Source” is as accurate as it gets. The data feed used is the same as banks and title companies use, and it is sourced from the same records as all big data providers like Data Quick, First American, Fidelity National, etc. use.

The data is NOT sourced from Zillow.com!!

12. Can I import my own personalized letters?

Yes, you can import any number of letters or documents into the system. You can write them within the ProfitGrabber’s text editor, or import them from Microsoft Word.

13. Can I add my own contracts to the Auto-fill function?

Yes, you can add your own contract or even write them within the system.

14. Can I export the records?

Yes, you can export them very quickly using Export Wizard.

15. Can I backup the records?

Absolutely! We would not leave you without such an important feature.

16. Is ProfitGrabber hard to learn?

Like any system, ProfitGrabber has a learning curve. If all you can do with computers is use Email, you will be able to learn basic functions in less than an hour.

17. What’s the easiest way to learn ProfitGrabber?

You can find tutorial and walk through videos here: www.profitgrabber.com/training

18. Do I need to print out letters?

Yes. The Task Manager will keep track of your schedule and it will personalize all the mail – all you do is click and the letters will print out.

Marko will teach you how to get a helper that you pay a few cents per envelope to hand-address them, fold and insert the letter, and put the stamp. This is the cheapest and the BEST way to handle this process!

The most important point for you to remember is that you always want to hand-address your letters! This is crucial for your success with direct mail! Using hand-written fonts, labels, double-window envelopes will drastically lower your response, and kill your campaign.

Therefore, there are only a few ways you can handle this process:

    1. Outsource the whole process to a third party.

    This is not cost efficient since the companies who will handle your weekly mail will charge you a few hundred dollars per month for their service, plus the cost of every mailing piece will be inflated. It is smarter to put that money into more mailings and get more deals! Plus, you will be limited to their designs & schedule.

    2. Take care of regular mailings yourself using a helper, and outsource only the mass mailings.

    This IS THE BEST WAY! As described above, you can get someone super inexpensively to do all of that for you. Once you start doing a lot of deals and decide to mail 3 – 5,000 letters at once, you can use the Export feature and easily email the list to a fulfillment house of your choice.

    3. Don’t mail and go to more seminars.

    Unfortunately, that is also an alternative some folks take. We hope you don’t take that route and spend even more money on hype, just to realize that it takes effort to build a business. Save yourself time and do it now!

19. Do I need to go on appointments with sellers?

Believe it or not this is a question we get asked very often.

The answer is YES. Sometimes you can have sellers come to your office to sign the paperwork, but you (or someone from your team) still need to meet with the seller. The only way we know to make money in this business is to build a rapport with the seller, use the strategic approach we teach to negotiate the price, and then get the agreement signed. We don’t believe in “get rich hype” where you can buy properties without ever seeing them or meeting the seller, and without leaving your 'pajamas'.


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