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ProfitGrabber founder, and Turn-Key Systems' CEO Mr. Marko Rubel has changed the world of real estate investing and automation.

ProfitGrabber is the summation of hundreds of thousand of dollars of personal investment, in addition to years of development and refinement on the part of Marko Rubel. This all served to fulfill his dream of developing the one thing that he couldn’t find elsewhere, a custom designed package made expressly to increase the volume of properties bought and sold, to increase the profitability and lower the time involvement in his very own Real Estate investing business.

After being used in Marko's own office for over 2 years, the ProfitGrabber has been offered to other investors in 2005. Over the last 7 years ProfitGrabber has gone through numerous revisions and updates and it is more refined than any other system out there for real estate investors.

Marko Rubel, the owner and principal of Turn-Key Systems, Inc has this mission statement:

"To be the pre-eminent real estate investment education company, offering products, education, and systems based on REAL WORLD applications, NOT on theory, like many other so called 'gurus'."

Marko’s goal is to enable other investors with drive and determination to duplicate his own success and achieve real wealth through investing in real estate. In addition, to conduct business with the highest ethical standards and best business practices in the industry.

Please send any questions to info@profitgrabber.com and we will respond promptly.

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