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ProfitGrabber PRO Investing Automation Software
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Who Uses ProfitGrabber Pro?

How to Invest Smarter by Following a Strategic 4-Step Process

Here’s How To Shortcut Each Step With ProfitGrabber PRO

1. Attract

Unleash the power of direct mail with automated, personalized, sequential mailings. Choose from over a dozen highly-responsive letter templates. Send hundreds of these offers with one click.

2. Convert

Stay on top-of-mind with an automated follow-up system that converts callers into clients. Easily create and manage multi-step campaigns based on lead types.

3. Analyze

Pull property profile reports, cacluate maximum offer price and analyze complete cost for any strategy instantly. Plus, get accurate comps on any property in seconds.

4. Close

Expedite your closing and streamline your selling process with a done-for-you legal library that has dozens of editable and customizable pro-buyer templates.

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ProfitGrabber PRO Investing Automation Software
PRICE: $5,997 $4,997

Start Investing Smarter Now
* 18 years in development, 1000's of hours in programming, new revisions every single year with multiple new features and updates added. Take advantage of this investor tool.