Here’s How To Double Your Short Sale Approvals, Make More Money And Still "Enjoy" The Process!

Short Sales can be a “pain in the neck” and many investors are shying away from investing in them. However, in today’s economy the overleveraged properties are way too common so an investor who is not actively pursuing short sales is missing on a huge opportunity for profit!

Many of the users of this add-on module used to hate short sale deals. Now they LOVE them, and here’s why...

Short Sale Xcelerator will DOUBLE your profits in half the time by preparing and organizing all the necessary paperwork, and keeping track of all the tasks and processes involved in a successful short sale deal.

What happens if your Offer to the lender is too low?

If your offer is too low, the lender will not take your case. If your offer is too high you are hurting your potential profits. Where is the “sweet point”? This add-on module will calculate it for you!

What if you need to STOP the auction sale, but your closing agent takes 3 days to get you the preliminary HUD-1 Settlement Statement?

The HUD-1 Settlement Statement is a necessary document for every Short Sale Package and you cannot start the process without having it. Most closing attorneys or title companies will take a few days to prepare it. Imagine losing $20,000 or $50,000 on a deal because they took too long! Time is of the essence when dealing with foreclosures and Short Sale Xcelerator will make you or save you a deal...

Short Sale Xcelerator prepares the initial HUD-1 Settlement Statement with 1-click!

Most investors don’t even know how to read a HUD-1 Settlement Statement – the good news is that you don’t need to know because the system prepares it all for you.

Short Sale Xcelerator prepares your Short Sale Package!

Do you hate dealing with the massive amounts of paperwork required with today’s Short Sales? You don’t need to anymore! Short Sale Xcelerator uses a pre-written Hardship Letter, Short Sale Package Checklists, Fax Cover Pages, Authorizations, etc. and it personalizes them with just a click!

Do banks lose documents? Electronic Faxing Saves You Hours!

Every minute the bank is getting hundreds of Short Sale Packages faxed in, so it happens very often that they lose or mix part of the documents you faxed in. It is not unusual to have to re-fax the entire package 3 or more times. Short Sale Xcelerator takes the headache away allowing you to fax electronically using some of the online fax services. This way you can re-submit your package with a click, without ever printing it! You’ll have a headache-free and paperless office!

In a summary...

Here are the 4 EASY processes needed to AUTOMATE your Short Sale business:

1. EVALUATE – using ProfitGrabber’s Evaluate Tab & the Ultimate Data Source you will be able to quickly determine the Fair Market Value of the property you are working on. This is the same info used throughout the ProfitGrabber system.

2. CALCULATE – using the Short Sale Xcelerator’s Calculate Tab the system will calculate your Initial Offer to the lender, and the Maximum Offer that you should not exceed in your negotiations with the lender to still obtain your desired profit.

The “Estimated-Initial” HUD-1 Settlement Statement Is ALL Prepared For Each of The Lien Holders

3. MANAGE THE APPROVAL - the short sale packages for ALL of the liens are completed and prepared automatically.

Just Add the Seller’s Financials & the Short Sale Package is DONE!

4. SELL QUICKLY – with ProfitGrabber’s “Buying Tab” your selling process will be managed and streamlined with ease. With the exclusive Buyers Relationship Management features you will never again lose a buyer because it “fell between the cracks”.

Many of our power users are continuously evaluating other similar systems, and have yet to find one as simple or effective as SSX.

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