Who Else Wants To Eliminate Competition, Make Them Irrelevant and Find Deals No One Knows About...

Think about this for a moment...

Why would you fish in a pond where everybody fishes? Wouldn’t it be smarter to move upstream and fish where nobody fishes?

This is exactly what this feature is all about - it helps you find sellers and deals that your competition does not even know exist.

Think about this... Do you think a desperate seller who is running away from creditors will go to the post-office and file a forwarding or change of address form when they move?

Obviously not. That means your mail will be returned:

However, unlike most investors who throw away the returned mail, you will turn it into Gold. As a smart investor you will skip-trace those records and ProfitGrabber will make it a breeze.

Now for the first time you will not need to type in the returned mail because ProfitGrabber's patented system barcodes each outgoing mail piece and using the supplied barcode scanner you can quickly scan the returned items back in and in another click attach all of the returned items in a single file to an email going to a skip-tracer.

Advanced Feature: The barcode information is a data field that can be exported. This allows you to export records together with their barcode, and email them to an outside mail-fulfillment house if you choose. This is used when you do large mass mailings.

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