Discover The Little-Known (and never talked about) Success Secret That Allows Millionaire and Multi-Millionaire Investors To Attract MAXIMUM Money in Record Time!

Most investors complain about the results they get from their direct mail, while super successful investors are smiling and keeping the secret to themselves. Not anymore, the secret is revealed...

Multiple Mailings To The Same People ARE The Key To HUGE Profits!

Would you believe… that you will in fact make More Money by mailing 300 letters to 100 people 3 times, than to 300 people ONLY once? It’s True - This has been proven over and over again!

The problem and hassles of keeping track of different campaigns, personalizing each step and staying on top of it all is NOW resolved!

The sellers' motivation is constantly changing and using multiple 'touches' will allow you to create credibility so that you will be in front of them at the 'right' moment when their motivation peaks. That’s why...

Strategic Multiple Mailings (A.K.A. Sequential Mailings) Are The Best-Kept Secret Of Direct Response Marketers!

ProfitGrabber AUTOMATES multiple mailings with laser precision; it personalizes and manages the mailings based on your pre-determined schedule... all with a click!

The result is a consistent and profitable investing business!

You Can Have Multiple Campaigns Pre-Made & Apply Them With 1-click

Most intermediate and advanced investors have multiple campaign templates pre-designed for their Foreclosure Mailing, Out-of-Town Owners, Probate, Divorces, Vacants, Expireds, Abandon, Multi-units, Commercial, and any other mailing they are doing. Then with a click they assign the marketing campaign and the system keeps track of it all with the built-in and extremely powerful Task Manager.

Advanced Feature: each task can be assigned to a particular member of your team, helping you manage your office as you grow.

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