Another Cutting-Edge Addition That Leaves The Competition In the Dust (and makes them mad!)

If your friendly agent sends you a list of Expired or Canceled Listings to mail to, would you be excited?

Maybe for a moment, until you realize that the records contain only Site Addresses, without Owner Names or their Mailing Address! (The same happens with some foreclosure lists as well!)

The realtors’ MLS system is coded not to export Owners Names for various reasons, one of which is to prevent agents from soliciting active listings. So the list you get will contain Site Addresses ONLY. How are you going to mail to such a list without having the owner’s name?

There are only two ways to approach this problem:

    1. Mail without the name, using “Current Resident” instead

    Problem: If you mail without the name your mail will not get forwarded and that will result in you missing the best prospects – sellers who already moved and are making double payments. Another problem is that the mail which does get delivered stands a much higher chance of NOT getting opened because its looks like "junk mail" when the owner’s name is missing. Both issues represent a HUGE opportunity loss.

    2. Find the names by going to Tax Assessors records

    Problem: You can find the owner’s name by looking up tax records, but this is an extremely tedious and time-consuming task. In order to find the names for a few hundred records you may spend hours, and it may require you to drive down to tax assessor’s office.

Smart Solution: ProfitGrabber’s powerful Matching Module will find the homeowner’s name and updated mailing address for ANY list in seconds, saving you hours of work, thousands of dollars in returned mail, and tens of thousands of dollars in lost opportunities.

The matching process is less than a minute long and the success rate is over 95%!

Note: this process requires the “Ultimate Data Source” subscription. The cost for each successfully matched record is between $0.1 and $0.2.

NOTE: You can add an unlimited number of your own documents as well, or edit the existing ones.

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