Give a Turbo-Charge To Your Marketing With a LIVE Answering Service That Picks-up Your Phone 24/7

Stop losing seller calls while you are at work! Get our Live Answer Service integrated right into ProfitGrabber Pro and never miss a motivated seller call again! Great peace of mind for pennies a day!

ProfitGrabber is integrated with two Answering Service companies that specialize in working with Real Estate investors.

All you need to do is follow a few steps and using check boxes decide which questions from the supplied list you want the operator to ask your sellers.

Implementing just one of the “Attract” features you will get you a lot of calls which can be directly routed to your LIVE Answer rep, so you never lose a call again. You can also route calls to you during the hours you are available and re-route them back to the answering service after those hours, all automatically.

Singing up is very simple and it is best done directly from ProfitGrabber in order to insure seamless integration. The cost of the service is very affordable.

To sign up or review the cost of their service, go to your ProfitGrabber and click on Profit Boosters in the main menu, then select "Get Live Answer".

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