The SMART Import/Export Wizard Allows Quick Import Of Any List, With a Click, Giving You More Free Time To Enjoy Life

The ProfitGrabber system is built on the latest .NET Microsoft platform and supports all the common worldwide database formats your list is likely to come in.

Save the import profile that you create during the first import and now you can import any size list with just a few clicks. You can create any number of import profiles. Most investors have multiple profiles, one each for their Foreclosure List, Out-of-Town Owners List, Divorces, Expireds, Probates, and other lists.

ProfitGrabber Thinks For You & Makes It Easy

The system also has an EXPORT WIZARD that allows you to export records from the system - for example if you are doing a mass mailing and want a fulfillment house to take care of it for you, you can export any group and the system will even attach it to an email for you. Simple and saves time!

Advanced Feature: You can save each import TOGETHER with its own filter criteria making it super efficient during future imports. Example: if you have 4 doorknockers, you can have 4 import profiles with the ZIP code criteria specific to each doorknocker. This allows you to organize them in less than a minute.

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