ATTENTION: The #1 Reason WHY Most Investors FAIL Is Revealed Below...

It’s not because of lack of leads... it’s the lack of follow-up!

Did you know...

  • It takes 8-12 contacts before people are ready to do business with you
  • 70% of all investors quit after only the 1st contact
  • Another 25% quit after 4th contact

As you can see from the stats above, with proper follow-up, you can double... even TRIPLE your business without spending more money on marketing to new leads!

Remember: It Is Always Cheaper To Convert an Existing Prospect Than To Acquire a New One!

If You Can Press a Button... Then You Can Turn Leads Into Red-Hot Prospects On "Auto Pilot"!

Imagine coming close to a treasure and not seeing it! This is exactly what most investors do - they market but when they get calls they never try to convert those "who are not ready yet" into money. It would be foolish to think that a seller will be ready to sell on the first phone call. The truth is most sellers won't. They are exploring their options and that's why they called you. Now, most investors give up on those prospects because "the seller is not ready yet". Instead of trying to convert those sellers who called, most investors go out and spend more money on generating new calls (this makes no sense!). They come close to the treasure but they don’t see it and give up on it.

Smart investors know that CONVERTING existing prospects is equally if not more important than ATTRACTING new ones.

They know that staying in touch will not only present them as a great service provider, but it will also make them the only logical choice for that seller. This conversion process is essential to your success as a real estate investor, and that is why we automated it.

The system will manage any number of follow-ups on any number of different schedules.

Remember, the automated follow-up will extract maximum dollars out of the calls you are getting and increase your bottom line profits. You will never again come close to the treasure and not see it, after all isn't that what you want?

Advanced Feature: You can easily create a few different follow-up campaigns with different frequency of contact. For example, you can have a campaign for your "warm" leads, and another one for your "hot" leads. Or another example would be a campaign for sellers that you visited but were not successful in getting the agreement signed at the first meeting – why not follow up!

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