IMPORTANT For This Economy: Here’s How To Make More Than Your Competition, With A Lot Smaller Marketing Budget!

Most investors get a list and mail to everyone on the list.

Wouldn't it be smarter to mail only to the best prospects?

ProfitGrabber’s filters allow you to focus any large list to a smaller but more targeted list that is cheaper and more effective to mail to.

For example: Investors looking for fixer-upper houses could filter based on Year Built to eliminate newer houses that most likely don't need any repairs. Investors looking for apartments could filter based on the Transfer or Sales Date to market to those homeowners who have owned the building for a very long time and are most likely older and tired of management.

As you can see, this is a very powerful way to eliminate "time-wasters" and cut down on your marketing cost. Plus you will save time by not talking to prospects that don't meet your acquisition criteria. This feature is very important for every smart investor, but especially for beginner investors who have a limited marketing budget.

Advanced Feature: You can even filter based on the result of a mathematical operation - for example, if your list contains Estimated Value and Mortgage Amount, the filter will allow you to subtract the two amounts. The result (Value minus mortgage) will be the Equity of the property and then you can set the minimum Equity that will make through the filter (i.e. import deals with minimum equity of $20,000).

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