Direct Mail OUTPERFORMS Other Methods Including Internet, Bandit Signs and Newspaper Ads... Here’s Your Chance To UNLEASH Its Power & Create Immediate Cash NOW, Monthly Cash Flow and HUGE Cash Later!

If you have not achieved the consistent results in real estate that you hoped for, the following may be the reason...

Don't you agree that most homeowners in distress are in DENIAL?

YES, most are! Most homeowners in distress are in DENIAL and are not looking for a buyer because they want to keep the house. Most will not look on the Internet to find you… Most will not look in the newspaper for their buyer (you)!

That's why the ONLY methods that produce consistent results are Door Knocking; Cold Calling and Direct Mail. If you are not employing at least one of these 3 methods, you are most likely talking to sellers that don’t have the right type of property, are not truly motivated or both! As you know, Direct Mail is by far, the easiest of the three to implement.

ProfitGrabber will automate your Direct Mail, and make it

This process will give you consistency and predictability in your business, eliminating the stress and uncertainty of "finding that next deal"!

ProfitGrabber Gives You Over 20 High-Response Letters Written By Professional Copywriters

The ProfitGrabber Pro system comes with over 20 letters written by a professional copywriter and “tweaked” for maximum response.

You can also add an unlimited number of your own letters to the system.

Powerful Built-in Text Editor Allows You To Further Modify Existing Letters, Or Tweak Those That You Added To the System Yourself

Once you are satisfied with the look of your letters, and have the list of names to mail to (you’ll soon learn how to do both), you can have a single mailing done in less than 30 seconds. In about 10 minutes per week (or 20 minutes if you're slow) you can have your entire weekly marketing tasks, including multiple campaigns, all done!

Advanced Feature: With any marketing effort there will be so called “dead leads” that you don’t want to mail to, or the leads that requested not to be mailed to anymore. The system will prescreen the records you are mailing to against your "do not mail" group, and eliminate those you don't want to mail to in order to further save you time and money.

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