Do You Need To Know The VALUE Of a Property You’re Considering Buying? What Happens If You Are Off?

Most investors overlook this important step in the property acquisition process. Remember...

One Mistake Can Put You Out of Business...

For most investors losing $20 to $50,000 on a deal will put them out of business forever!

ProfitGrabber’s “Ultimate Data Subscription” ensures that will NOT happen to YOU!

You will have FRESH & ACCURATE Comparable Sales (COMPS) that are NOT based on because is not accurate. We opted for quality and accuracy despite a longer development time. It took our developers over 2 years to cover the whole U.S. and it has cost a fortune but the result is outstanding!

Don't Cut Corners On The Most Important Step - It Could Be COSTLY!! Use the "Ultimate Data Source"! Before you even start thinking about buying a property or making an offer you MUST know precisely what that property is worth. You must know it’s Fair Market Value by using accurate & fresh Comparable Sales (COMPS).

ACCURATE DATA: ProfitGrabber uses the same LIVE data feed banks and title companies use, so the result is accurate data that you can rely on. This data feed is live and therefore it has a monthly fee. There are a few different plans, but it gets as low as $50 per month with a 1-year plan. The “same quality” data offered by the most reputable data providers (i.e. Data Quick, First American, Fidelity National, etc.) comes from the same source as the Ultimate Data Source but at substantially higher cost and only covers a single county. The ProfitGrabber "Ultimate Data Source" features gives you access to the whole United States for a much lower monthly fee. Accurate and fresh property data at wholesale prices!

NOTE: you don't need to subscribe to data in order for ProfitGrabber to work! This is an added convenience and it is totally optional! When you decide to subscribe simply access the subscription page from inside the ProfitGrabber (click on “Profit Boosters” and then “Get Instant COMPS” from the main menu).

Advanced Feature: One search will get you up to 50 comparable sales depending on the search criteria you used. For EACH of the 50 comps you will have up to 40 data elements (what your seller paid and the date; what type of loan the seller got; property sq.ft., lot size, subdivision, school district, tax district, tax assessment, loans on the property, and more). Why are these factors important? Is it important to compare apples to apples or apples to oranges? You get the point.

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