Here’s How To Start In Commercial Real Estate Investing Without Taking Risk!

Don’t miss out on bigger deals – use the advanced Commercial Deal Analyzer Module to lock in HUGE profits on Apartment Buildings, Shopping Centers and Office Buildings and leave the competition in the dust!

This is a must have module for anyone considering commercial investing!

As you know, commercial deals are a lot more complex than residential deals. As an example, the Fair Market Value of a commercial deal is based on the income it produces, taking into consideration all the expenses and debt service. This calculation alone could be pages and pages long and cumbersome... not any more!

ProfitGrabber’s Commercial Deal Analyzer gives you all the data with a touch of the mouse. Just plug in the data from any deal you’re considering, and the analyzer does the rest. You’ll know with certainty the maximum amount that can be paid for the property, and know your returns are guaranteed!

You will never again get overwhelmed with all the complex formulas and analysis.

Here are a few screen shots showing the features:

Building Info Tab – collects all the general data about your target property. The tabs and their entry fields change based on the selection under “Property Type”. Below are the screens for the multiunit type.

Income Tab – gives you the summary of all the different types of income your property is generating. One simple entry, and all the fields are auto-calculated by this analyzer.

Expenses Tab – auto calculates the expenses associated with the property and breaks them down in 5 industry specific categories, giving you $/month, $/year, $/SqFt, $/Unit, and more for each category... all with a click of the mouse!

Loans Tab – this is where you analyze and adjust your cash-flow. This mortgage calculator will take into account all the specifics about your loan(s), regardless if you are considering interest only or adjustable rate loans. The Cumulative LTV, Debt-to-Coverage Ratio, etc. is calculated automatically. Having this detailed information will make you a pro when talking to a potential lender or a seller.

Financial Analysis Tab - this is where you decide if it is a deal or not. Not only will you be able to calculate Actual parameters, but with a click of a mouse you will be able to predict and plan the future profits using our built-in Proforma and Scenario calculations. And to make it even easier and more understandable, there are 4 graphs that will plot the profit curve for each parameter you are considering.

The system plots 4 different graphs helping you further understand and evaluate your investment opportunity:

It also gives you a multiyear analysis, and much more...

The complex formulas and auto-calculations make this analyzer very simple and accurate.

The slides above demonstrate why this Commercial Deal Analyzer suite of tools has been the millionaire investor’s #1 choice.

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