How To AVOID Analysis Paralysis and Snap Up The Best Deals By Knowing What To Pay In Matter Of Seconds...

The most important question you should always ask yourself...

In order to profit, what’s the Maximum I can pay for a property?

While your competition struggles with using fancy financial calculators, you will have your maximum offer calculated in a few seconds. Enter your desired profit and Deal IQ Analyzer tells you what you can pay for that property to ensure your profit. It takes into account different strategies and cost involved and eliminates "analysis paralysis".

Wouldn't you want to be in control of your deal and know what you are going to make BEFORE you even get involved in the deal? This tool will help you avoid surprises and be in control.

It takes into account the cost of sale, holding cost, advertising cost, etc. helping you avoid mistakes by overlooking a cost that can kill the profit and create loss. This is a must if you are a new investor.

Advanced Feature: Once you decide to leverage your profits into commercial real estate, you can purchase the Commercial Deal Analyzer as an additional module. It provides full analysis, including graphs and pro-forma calculations all types of Commercial properties.

NEW: A Repair Estimate Tab will help you estimate the necessary repairs and it will even itemize them on an easy to read Repair Report.

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